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The Raleigh Engineers Club (REC) has been in existence since 1926.  The club seeks to promote the Engineering field through monthly technical meetings and support of those pursuing a future in the Engineering discipline.  We award an annual scholarship to a Raleigh area graduating high school senior to enter the school of engineering at NC State. Our members have a diverse background of engineering disciplines and represent several companies and government agencies located in the Raleigh area.

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Annual membership is only $35 per year and the meeting costs are a value with lunch included! Our goal is to provide great programs to its members, offer licensed members an opportunity for continuing education credits, and award a semester of tuition to NC State University. The scholarship goes to a deserving, graduating Raleigh area high school senior choosing engineering as a career at NC State. Membership is available to anyone working in support of the engineering profession. You do not have to be an engineer. Download an application here and bring it and your payment with you to the next meeting or email the completed application to secretary@raleighengineersclub.org. We'll get you on the mailing list right away!
The Raleigh Engineers Club has monthly  lunch meetings that  cover engineering topics of interest to all types of engineers and people interested in engineering activities regardless of discipline. The Raleigh Engineers Club is a NC Board of Registration for Engineers Certified provider of professional development hours (PDH credits) for licensed engineers. Eleven meetings are held annually with one set aside for scholarship awards and updates on successes of engineering graduates from NCSU. So ten professional development hours are provided each year. Note that you do not need to be a licensed engineer or a graduate engineer to be a member! View our Constitution and Bylaws !

                                                        Email us at secretary@raleighengineersclub.org if you have questions

Chelsea Parkinson, PE
2020 Club President


  • Interested in joining our Board of Directors?  We are seeking two new board members to help provide direction and recruit speakers for the monthly club meetings.  Our board meetings are currently virtual and only require a few hours of your time each year.  Membership on our board also qualifies for two PDH hours annually.  Please reply to this email if you are interested or want to know more.

  • Scholarship Donations - Each year we offer one scholarship for one semester of NCSU tuition paid to one Wake County high school graduate who is entering their Freshman year at NCSU and have been accepted into the College of Engineering.  The success of our scholarship depends on your donations.  If you would like to donate, you can do so through our Eventbrite or on any meeting event or anytime on our 2021 Raleigh Engineers Club Membership Dues Event.
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January 25, 2021
12:00 - 1:00 PM

Milburnie Dam Mitigation Project
Tiffani Bylow
Restoration Systems, LLC

For more than a decade the Milburnie Dam sat idle. It had simply fallen into disrepair, suffered frequent vandalism and trespass, becoming a dangerous eyesore. Like any dam, Milburnie had a serious impact on the ecology of its river. The Neuse River had been unnaturally flooded above the dam for decades and blocked the migration of fish.

In 2002 the North Carolina Interagency DRTF (Dam Removal Task Force) designated Milburnie Dam as a priority for removal. Their conclusion was the dam should be removed, primarily to remove the barrier to migratory fish such as striped bass and American shad.
The dam owners worked with Raleigh based environmental restoration experts, Restoration Systems (RS). This meant the dam won't just be demolished, in its place RS created a purpose-built 'mitigation bank'.
Mitigation banking is the careful restoration of natural habitats to repair the damage made by the dam on the original ecosystem.

Tiffani Bylow joined the Restoration Systems team as Office Manager in 2006. She attended college in Tennessee before moving to Raleigh, where she worked in accounting for Highwoods Properties. She has also worked as an Office Manager for Triangle Reprographics and EHG, an environmental remediation company, where she gained valuable knowledge about the environmental industry. While Tiffani was hired as the Office Manager of RS, her role has evolved with the changing needs of the Company. Tiffani Manages the credits sales and company finance by working with Restoration Systems' customers through the sales cycle to meet their mitigation needs as efficiently as possible. She is the Project Manager for the Milburnie Dam Mitigation Bank which includes coordinating with outside consultants on the engineering and monitoring of the former dam site and its surrounding area. She consistently meets with state and federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife Service, NC Wildlife Resource Commission and Environmental Protection Agency to create and continue the successful progress of the Milburnie Dam Stream Mitigation Bank.

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The link to attend the webinar will be emailed after registration on Eventbrite. All 2020 Raleigh Engineers Club members will attend free of charge.